Website Overhaul!

…yeah, this isn’t so much a remodel as it as a tear down and rebuild operation!

Where have I been for all these years you ask? Oh, you know. Nowhere in particular. Mostly just hiding in my office, furiously typing while pouring coffee down my throat. Occasionally cowering beneath the desk, phone in one hand and coffee cup in the other. Which only happens daily when deadline panic gets to be a bit much.

Time for a change.

Hence the website redesign! You may or may not have noticed that I’m officially a dot com now. Got my own domain under my own name. And with that, I’m in the midst of completely overhauling this site.

  • We’ve got an entirely new look and feel around here—and this part of the overhaul is mostly finished pending any nitpicky changes that I may or may not make.
  • I’ll start posting on the blog a lot more frequently. How frequently? Every week, every couple of weeks, something like that–just depends on what I have to share.
  • As you click around, you’ll notice that an awful lot of text around here is randomly generated Latin. Every bit of text on this site will get a thorough update and/or edit as I have time to get it done.
  • Last but absolutely not least, an updated portfolio page is coming. I’ve not yet tinkered with designs and layouts for this page. And at this point, I have a pool of hundreds of pieces that I could choose to add to the portfolio. So this is going to be the big task, sifting through published work, choosing the best stuff, and designing a page that gives you easy access to it.

So that’s my story in a nutshell! Stay tuned because more is coming.

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