Chickens Plus Tomatoes Equal…

Nah, it’s not chicken parmesan. Although that does sound good right about now. Pretty sure I have emergency rations of tomato sauce, wine and parmesan, too, so I could totally make this happen.

But I’m sidetracking. These are not the chickens and tomatoes to which I refer. See, earlier today, I was working on this site’s shiny new portfolio page. Click here to check that out—though I’ll warn you, as of this writing, there is only one item on the portfolio page right now, the Creative Writing & Humor section. Don’t worry, there will be more to come later! Turns out, the portfolio overhaul is the most time-intensive part of the site redesign, mainly because I spent forever building a byline database, and now I’m spending a second eternity being insufferably picky about page layouts.

Anyway, sidetracking again. What I really wanted to share was something I found while digging through archives of bylined stuff. It’s a short story that I published through GreenPrints, which is an award-winning magazine headed by Pat Stone. For my garden-minded readers, this is a great little anthology-style publication that comes out quarterly, full of fun gardening stories.

No spoilers, but I used to live on a farm, and you would not believe the shenanigans that ensue when farm animals mix with carefully tended gardens. So if you want to read a gripping tale of mayhem and flying feathers, then give the story a look! It’s called “Chicken Tomatoes,” and you can read the PDF version—complete with Dena Seiferling’s awesome artwork—by clicking here.

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