Peeps are the Best Easter Candy, and Here are the Facts to Prove It

Seriously, they are. Is it just me or do the pink and green Peeps taste even better than the other colors?

Anyway, before I somehow manage to start an argument about the tastiest Peep color, let me just drop a link to a recent story of mine published via the Farmers’ Almanac, 10 Fun Facts About Marshmallow Peeps.

Here’s a teaser fact to get you started: Did you know that roughly two-thirds of people eating Peeps bite their heads off first? It’s true! Personally, I always feel bad about biting heads off. Myself, I like them to go a little bit stale before eating them. Makes them somewhat chewier.

In fact, since we’re on the subject of dry aging Peeps with all the precision of high end charcuterie, here’s an article I didn’t write, but that you’ll likely find interesting. From the Washington Post, presenting “Like fine wine and good steak, aging Peeps is an art.”

Another fact. There really is an art to aging them. 😉

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