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8 Ways to Reuse Your Coffee Grounds

If you’re like me, you’ve got to have that morning cup (or pot) of coffee every morning. That means you have an endless supply of coffee grounds that you’re probably just throwing away. Surprisingly, even something as simple as used coffee grounds has a… Continue Reading “8 Ways to Reuse Your Coffee Grounds”

5 Organic Ways to Rid Yourself of Weeds

Spring is on the way, and if there’s one thing that rural Ohioans have in spades, it’s weeds. Even if you have a perfectly manicured landscape, weed seeds blow in from nearby fields and forests, which makes it impossible to keep your lawn and… Continue Reading “5 Organic Ways to Rid Yourself of Weeds”

Why Thyme is an Essential Plant for Your Landscape

Whether you have enormous gardens or just a simple perennial bed, thyme is one of those plants you can’t do without. The thyme family has more than 400 different species, and as both a groundcover and an herb, it is one of the most… Continue Reading “Why Thyme is an Essential Plant for Your Landscape”

Three Interesting Edibles for Your Container Garden

If you’re a gardener in rural Ohio, chances are, you have enough space to grow whatever fruits and vegetables your heart desires. Even so, I’ve found that some veggies do just as well in containers—and they’ll make a great decorative accent for your porch… Continue Reading “Three Interesting Edibles for Your Container Garden”

Rural Broadband Access: Why We Don’t Have it and What to Do About It

Last week, I talked about my own experiences as my husband and I tried to get a broadband connection in our rural neighborhood. This week, I want to discuss the reasons why rural areas have such poor access, and show you what you and… Continue Reading “Rural Broadband Access: Why We Don’t Have it and What to Do About It”