A decade of experience means I’ve produced thousands of pieces for both print and web publications. This includes magazines, newspapers, business blogs and more. When you need a writer, you need one with the consistency and versatility to produce great content, be it a feature story or the full suite that your website requires.

Feature Articles

This is front-page stuff! My featured articles appear in newspapers and magazines internationally, both online and in print.

  • Expect in-depth research, thorough fact-checking, and interviews with relevant experts where necessary.
  • Professional journalistic photography is available for in-person interviews.
  • Tone and style will be matched to best suit your publication’s needs.

Blog Posts

Your blog is the heart of your website. It needs to be informative, factual, and it should be tailored to the needs of your target audience. As someone who has blogged for a variety of businesses from small to large, I have the experience to produce the content your viewers crave.

  • Posts are sharable, designed to suit your favorite social media platforms.
  • Text includes subheadings, linked citations, bullet points and all the rest of the required bells and whistles—plus natural keywording to fit SEO best practices.
  • Image research is available if you have a preferred stock image provider.

Website Copy

Need landing pages, FAQs, a bio or an about us page? Let me produce the full suite that your website requires, all in a consistent style suited to your clientele.

  • With customer personas in hand, I write copy that appeals to the people who follow your brand.
  • Website copy is keyword rich and designed with motivation in mind.
  • Bio and about pages combine beautifully crafted brand stories with authoritative information to inspire trust. Service pages and landing pages inform and encourage exploration and purchase decisions.

Viral Content

Looking for content that drives people to compulsively click those share buttons? My content does exactly that. The most popular pieces have received millions of views and tens of thousands of shares.


Good copy is bold, succinct and compelling. It’s what sticks in a potential customer’s mind, and it’s what motivates purchase decisions. You need a copywriter who understands the psychology behind the prose.

  • If you need short copy, I can create your taglines, banner ads or even a slogan.
  • My product descriptions are rich, descriptive, and imaginative. They’re designed to be an experience, not just a list of details.
  • Long form copy includes white papers and case studies—just what you need to market B2B products and services.

Creative Writing

That’s right, I do a bit (a lot) of creative writing, too! Need something cute, quirky or crazy? Send me the details and let’s get to work.

  • I’ve been known to publish a short story or two on occasion.
  • And when left to my own devices, my prose takes on a life of its own with flow, style and lots of alliteration—all to make the reading experience richer.
  • Little known fact about me, but I’m currently up to my neck in the production of a 12-book epic fantasy series. Will I be releasing details soon? Remains to be seen!
And there you have it! Whatever your needs, I can handle them. If you’ve got a project, then let’s talk. Send me the details so we can get started.