A combination of diverse life experiences and a voracious taste for writing about anything and everything means I can tackle a broad variety of subjects.

  • Construction, Home Improvement, Renovation and DIY: Prior to freelancing full time, I worked on a construction crew remodeling kitchens and bathrooms. Hands-on experience along with hundreds of articles written on these topics means that I can cover anything from commercial construction to residential, including building codes, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and more.
  • Agriculture: Working on a family farm plus several years of agricultural journalism has given me insights into animal husbandry, crop production and agricultural entrepreneurship. Horses, cattle, corn—you name it, I’ve covered it.
  • Lifestyle: Looking for infotainment? I delight in writing recipes, trivia, gardening know-how, history and everything else informational and entertaining.
  • Fitness: An active body makes for an active mind, and that’s one of the driving forces behind my writing. These days, I’m into powerlifting, but over the years, I’ve been involved in a variety of fitness activities. And I write about those experiences, too!
  • Cosmetics and Skincare: Two passions of mine! Count on me to be following trends, always trying new products, and periodically going full glam just because I can.

And that’s just the beginning. To learn more, check out my portfolio or reach out by clicking the contact button below.