Good Friday Gardening

Good Friday is almost here, isn’t it? With all the rest of the craziness in the world these days, I almost forgot! Which would be a shame, because for certain crops, Good Friday might actually be a good day to plant.

There’s a lot of folklore surrounding when you ought to put certain crops in the ground. Actually, if you’re feeling up for some good old fashioned gardening traditions, surf over to Farmers’ Almanac to check out one of my recently featured pieces, “Is Good Friday a Good Day to Plant?

Anyway, back to the question: Is Good Friday good for planting? Tradition tells us that crops planted on Good Friday are healthier and bear more fruit. While there’s no scientific basis to this, depending on your climate zone, it could be a good time to plant! Here in Ohio, for instance, we might be able to put in some of the earliest cool-season crops right about now, but certainly not tender stuff like peppers and tomatoes.

That’s the long and short if it. Everything boils down to the weather in your particular climate zone. But if you’d like some additional info plus some fun gardening trivia, check out the story linked above!

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